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* Less than 125K population
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App features

Explore 311 Requests around you

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View construction permits in your city

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Stay updated about crime near you

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Find events organized by your city

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Respond to surveys requested by your city

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Get timely alerts in your neighborhood

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Ready for
1003 cities
in the US and in
60 countries worldwide

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Data analytics pairs perfectly with for app analytics and data insights.

Data integrations

  • Accela
  • New world systems
  • Mobile311
  • Active
  • esri
  • Tyler

App pricing is priced for cities on a budget. The flat-rate monthly subscription price includes unlimited users, unlimited data, unlimited notifications, top-tier service and support from our mobile experts.

City departments and agencies can instantly start a free 30-day trial at any time. Connect with us to discuss your needs.

less than
1 Month 12 Months
125000 people FREE FREE
250000 people $ 400 $ 4.800
500000 people $ 600 $ 7.200
1000000 people $ 800 $ 9.600
+1000000 people $ 1,000 $ 12.000
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